Truck Tales


Sometimes its good to get on the road and feel the wind hitting your face and seeing the sights and waving goodbye to the fellow truck men. But do you know the most fascinating thing about Kurnool, once the Capital of Andhra Pradesh; its got its secrets and its style of slumber and solitude. A town where like any town has its bustling people and its problems. But it had a special connection for me because of my friend Kedar Patwary. I saw his connection to his home town; he had come back after 6 years, and to see him in shock for the change that has happened and the nostalgic feeling that he was having; it was a whole different side of the friend whom i’d known for two years. I was rather taken aback with such emotional depth that he was willing to vent out at any go. It was not shocking anymore. It was beautiful! Everyone has their soft sides and comfy corners; this was his and he was loving it! I told him that no matter how much has his city changed, but the memories will always make it the same old city that it used to be. As we were riding by the colonies, the gullies, he was imagining and relieving the old city that it used to be and was narrating about how he used to jump about here and there and used to climb the tree and play in the park; it was all too beautiful to see someone like that. Another Incident where he showed me his house,  a beautiful house, small as it looks but a palace of dreams, memories and peace when one would actually look into it. This is something so special that, there is not a single inch of rock or pebble that he hasn’t forgotten in his city. This makes Kedar Patwary a special and the most beautiful and humbled friends i have ever had the honor of being in their company with. it is because of love that we succeed in life, the love and passion for what we strive for. And that passion reels in his mind to become the person he truly wants to become. There are dark times my friend, but you know deep down in your heart that when you have such beautiful memories which you can relieve, remember to over shadow the dark times rather than being over shadowed. An intellect of curiosity and collective thinking with an appetite for a second lunch. The Journey to Kurnool had its magic, i felt like home when i heard the nostalgia and it reminded me of how much i miss my home and how strong a part it plays in my life.

He intends to buy the house, and if the owner is not willing to sell it, he would pay the rent every month but keep the house to himself. I’m sure he will do that. 

He would be very modest about all this, but i have seen what a true friend he is and will be always.



5 thoughts on “Truck Tales

  1. Although I’ve still been thinking about the strange feelings and the aftermath hasn’t been so easy to handle, I can truly say that- a part of it has been very happy- so happy that I cannot tell you- just like you think it is. This made me very happy Omar! Thank you so much dear Mitrama!

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