Where the loitering depth behold thee
The depth and the chasm which many have feared
For it only takes a simple stupid step
To find the courage where one hasn’t ventured
Into this cold chasm of pandemonium
I take my first stupid step and slip
I slip until this dark cold passage goes through me
I fail to land a grip
For there is utter darkness that i can see
There is a pool approaching
A pool made of hard stone and liquid
With the help of unknown light it looks limpid
As i splash into it, still pulling me in;
The water goes into my nostril and mouth
I have passed the water and now approach the light
I am battered as i keep falling down with no respite
As i reach my destination or is it a kind of stoppage
I may turn out to be splintered into that of a foliage
No matter, atleast at this stage
I have the courage caused by that stupid step
To take it as it comes
To shatter all windows and break through my cage



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