Hey Mr Sunshine
Where are you coming to?
Mr.Sunshine, leave the ignorance
I’m talking to you
Enveloping this space of black and white
Making it less wrong than right
Asking me to sit back strong and tight
To watch you do an incredible sight
Mr.Sunshine, are you there
Oh,you are busy
But still you care
You’re so warm in the cold
You never seem to get old
You seem to be all mine
Are you listening to me
Cause it’s hard to get a look on your face
It’s hard enough to see
I don’t know where you go
It’s hard to get a trace
I don’t know what you show
To your dear wife Mrs Moon…
Mr.Sunshine,Oh Mr.Sunshine, please come soon.


2 thoughts on “Mr.Sunshine

    • Thank you so much! It’s the emotions which truly matter when one is trying to convey such feelings about the sunshine

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