Truck Tales 2


I got a long journey ahead and i have made some mistakes along the way; correction i have made a lot of mistakes all the way and they have become a part of me because without them, i wouldn’t be standing here and taking this picture of myself. In life, there are many things which bother me; the usual, graduation,an occupation,satisfaction and love. Pretty much the things which i’d be content with. It’s amazing to see what you have accomplished and destroyed along the way; i come to see of how many things i have burnt to get myself here. “Burn’t” as in not just cash,calories and fossil fuels, but my very existence, my age; it has increased and with age i get the moral sense of responsibility to enjoy my life and make it less complicated it from time to time. Because there are a lot of cynics in the world and we have too many of them running the business around here, so who i am to fret of my actions and virtues and my ideologies to a believer who is too shadowed or embodied with his/her intentions and motives that one forsakes to analyze how to react to someone’s nature? In simple terms, i don’t care about anyone’s opinion, but i do care about their opinion on the fact that they don’t influence me. For at this point of time in my life, i am willing to take some risks and overshadow these unnecessary hurdles that i myself have created. For this road is made to perfection, while my goal lies to tame the perfected and in-perfected and make myself  true. Because i find that everyone has their own elixir of life, and you know what i have chosen or discovered people? It’s simply love. Its a four letter word which can build empires and destroy huge co operations and bring everybody under one roof and bring forward some kind of ideal or motive in our life. With that mindset, to reach out to those in need of help, i’d halt along the way not because they are in need of it but because they deserve it. 

“When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, then the world will know peace” – Jimi Hendrix. 


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