I see the love in your eyes dear mother
Your calm demeanour, your love for another
Your life is now flowing in my viens
And in time you will let me catch the riens
For this chariot of life
Oh the excitement can be cut with a knife
I see all the joy on you, oh you smotherer of smother
I see your happy oh dear mother
You nurture me and take me into your arms
You see to it, i don’t beg for alms
You cleanse me of what sins i might commit
You would push me until i reach my summit
You would pull me down out of the Darkest Heaven
And bring me to earth and pull me out of the hellish den
For you are the greatest teacher of all oh dear mother
The wisest and the most intellectual like no other
For your teachings are nothing but examples one can learn from
Because you have brought me to kingdom come
You teach by example, as not to lament
But to live life, to the fullest in each and every moment


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