Rain Puddle

The Simple drops of raindrop would awaken the man in lust for slumber.  The monsoon would bring immense joy to Mr. Harihath as it would cast a spell of inner happiness in the man who is limping with the injuries of a monotonous life. Mr. Harihath has opened his eyes wide and has smelled the little seep of the smell of rain which was seeping through his window and has pushed aside his warm blanket and has gotten up to stand on his two lifeless legs and open the windows to end his solitude and breath in farm fresh air! For now, not only the air but the drizzle is teasing and pinching his desert dry skin and sending signals of excitement and nostalgia to his brain for him to perceive and react. His face at peace as the man has mellowed down to become childlike with the a change in expression; as his soft eye lids rolling down like projection screens waiting to fall in place so that the brain can project said nostalgia, with the nose full of rain air that the smell acts as a potent drug giving the best high any addict could ever ask for, with his mouth wide open to taste the pleasures of the variety of droplets eagerly waiting to enter his mouth and refresh and rejuvenate him from the inside and finally a tear trickling down, very clear and very different from the rest of the drops on his face, indicating that peace has been attainted, casting out the sorrow through a tear. Mr. Harihath was not man who was open to the world, to seek comfort out there; yet he would consider himself a man who would care about the world regardless about how the world cares for him. Monotonous does not put an end to Mr. Harihath’s lifestyle as it involves a lot of stress and pressures mounting in from the most remote places. Mrs. Harihath would not be easy for the man she married twenty years ago, taxes, loans, in need of funds, future planning, and groceries would be her arsenals, while the young Harihath, Anish; would burden and make his father hate the developing world due to an increase in demands of gadgets and necessities requested by his son and to top that over, a never understanding boss pressurizing Mr. Harihath to do more and earn less and be a sharp knife cutting to perfection but kept in a sink. Transportation from one end to another was a messy scenario as the train was the unthinkable, the bus was un-gettable and finally the yellow taxis were un-avoidable. Taxis were shared, but still a piping hot mess. The fights would never end at work, nor would they end at home; and this forced Mr. Harihath to become something which he would never become; he would become a more demanding man. He had demanded for a promotion and a hike, a loan for a vehicle, even extra curry and extra desert which would eventually lead to taking extra medication, but that was alright as long as he was demanding.  So, as Mr. Harihath was mesmerized by standing in front of an open window, he saw few children jumping in the puddles, laughing, girls covered in red frocks, had chocolate mud fudge to top their strawberry attire and the banana colored boys were looking like chocolate Sundays with mud on their faces and hair. His sweet tooth could not be controlled even in his imagination. He rushes down the stairs, looks at the door, turns around to see his wife approaching him with taunts and complains , while his son bugged down with the problems at hand; Mr. Harihath runs towards the door, opens it and just gets wet and starts jumping in the puddles. The children are shocked in the beginning but they don’t mind, it’s everyone’s to share. A good deed by the lethargic politicians not to make the road before the monsoons, Mrs. Harihath stands at the edge screaming her heart out and asking her lunatic of a husband to step inside before he falls ill, all else failed, she goes out and drags him inside and screams at him. He quiets her down and tells her that with a change in season, he has had a promotion, he has applied for a car loan and his hike has covered most of the previous loans and the insurance will cover the family’s health as well, telling her that he had been up for it since a week and this was the big surprise. She smiles after a long pause, baffled by what is placed in front of her and becomes proud of the man that has returned from the slump, finally she asks him to go and play, but to return for breakfast, which would include extra curry.

 The End



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