An Introduction to The Moth Diaries


When i seem to loose my way
I see no signs or directional grass that may sway
I am a lost soul
But that doesn’t mean i cannot be whole!
I may be in the darkest hole
Doesn’t mean i can’t light up a cigarette and lighten things up
I may be a sad little guy
But i can find happiness in bidding sadness goodbye!
I may not hate you like you want me to
But i may just love you just as you love me do
I see i have tempted you
By saying what is true
I take this world as it goes
I’ll plant my seed and see how big it grows
Cause it shows
What you do, what you give, it grows
And what you give and what you get
And when you pass out and fret
You’re going to want to know
How hard you got hit, how low?
Because i’m a guy by the sea
Drinking a hot vodka tea
With a cocky little eye
I smoke away
As i welcome this changing world
Day by day

Stay tuned people. A little something i’m coming up with. The Moth Diaries is a little more than just the usual fiction, its close to the heart. 

Love to all my fellow followers for baring with my every post! 



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