A dark sky may seem devoid of hope
But skies are incomplete without the flickering lights
Lights will guide you where you ought to go
They will take you to a place that’s right
The sky is where you have to be
Amidst the stars you’ll be a light
A red light with all your wounds
You’ll be a saviour and many troubled souls you’ll have to sooth.
Because this silent sky speaks the best
It puts your buffeted mind to rest
When you reach up there, a million eyes will look at you
Filled with awe and admiration they will want to be with you
Your purpose will be fulfilled then
When the thoughts the people humm
Will become your music and rhythm.
In such a silent dark sky
You’ll will shine with your light
Flickering, struggling, fluttering but living
You’ll be up there free as a bird to fly
Then you can spread your wings and sing your words
For you’ll be in a world that will sooth the disturbed.
You can heal your wounds and learn to smile
You will live your dreams and you’ll live your life

Neha Jain

Neha Jain is an amazing poet, with her own twist of words, expressions and a flamboyant flow of creativity. The first co-writer for my blog, deeply honored to publish her work here! The Depth of imagination is immense. More to come. 



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