The Cold Indian Romance Part 5

Fanny I wondered? Was it a person, a friend or foe? Was that the name of her daughter? I thought not to think anymore because I was expecting too much, expecting the unexpected was my expectation but it eventually did not turn out that way.

I tried not peaking into the lady’s room but I could not resist the temptation. But I dared not to. The last thing I would want is to be accused of stealing or breaking one of her rules. I stepped outside, thought about that violent girl, if not love; she as sure as hell got my attention, I thought of asking her name to madam. I had started to imagine what kind of life I would have here up on the hills, maybe I could get permission to go down to the town once in a while, buy some items, explore; but duty first.

I look at the gate opening with Madam looking all flustered, a huge German shepherd pulling madam inside. It stopped looking at me stunned. Madam was quietly telling, “Fanny nahi (no)”, the snarl gave me the shivers, madam asked me not to run. But I thought otherwise, it was a reflex action to run away from something that could tear you apart. I ran and so did fanny after me. I sprinted so did fanny accelerate her engine. I ran to the backdoor, to the garden and into the pool leaving me wet, then ran towards the crops where fanny got a foothold and did not leave until my leg would tear apart. The snarl, the saliva and the ferocious attitude was going to kill me. As I lost my will to live, I looked at other means. I took a twig and started hitting her, did not work. I took some mud and threw it on her face, did not even break her concentration, I could feel the blood coming out. I cried for help, I was facing the dark soil like a dark oblivion seeing my end at hand, I could hear madam trying to pull fanny back, the last ditch of effort left me nothing but to beg fanny to leave my leg, I don’t think even she understood that she would bother. After a lot of screaming, fanny let go. I was violated, motionless and was left to think pointlessly. Madam didn’t help me up as she was pulling fanny away into the house; I on the other hand was crawling on my belly trying to reach out to the pool as if I had been stranded in the desert for centuries trying to reach out to the oasis. I did and I just blanked out splashing my head into the pool.

The next thing I noticed was that I woke up with a sharp pain of fire on my left leg, spirit and some ointment being put. Madam was kind enough to take care of lowly like me.

“Sorry beta, fanny kabhi aisi nahi karti, naye ho na” (Sorry son, fanny never does this, your new right that’s why”)

I couldn’t stand up straight on my feet as I had to limp.

The war between me and fanny had commenced, she played her hand and now it was time for mine. If we were to live together I knew I had to make peace with this monster from hell.

I limped to the porch as madam allowed me to take rest until I recovered, she also allowed me to sit on her rocking chair. I went out to do so but found fanny on it, I tried moving but the snarl came back again and I backed away.  So I went to the other side of the porch and sat on the floor. It was difficult but I tried not looking at fanny, but I didn’t want to intimidate her. Little did I know about her, and this was a recon mission, to research and to explore. But fanny kept her distance as well, I was lower in terms of caste in the house since I was the outcaste, but getting bullied by dog just shows what kind of character I am.


To Be Continued …


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