Black Flames


There existed two brothers born of royal mud
In a battle struck kingdom, with a flood of blood
Raised and trained by the wisest man they knew
All the tricks and moves which were known by a few
As they grew the man got old
One was clever while the other, bold
They fought their way through vanquishing the enemy
They formed a kingdom beyond the heavens
Full of justice and tranquility
The young thought of honor and the lessons of old
The soldiers did as they were told
But it became clear
The bold found someone dear
Not of royality, but of kindness
And his blindness
His brother brought out the evil within
And a new war was about to begin
For the kingdom was tumbling from gold to stone
For there cannot be two kings for one throne
The ultimate fight came down to these two
There would be one victor, this they knew
After an intense duel of the bold and the clever
The bold asked his brother to stop this madness
He gave nothing but a smirk and said “never”
To this brought the world tyrany and darkness
To end this the bold stepped down and offered him to be king
For he would go and live as a common man, to wed a woman with a ring
Unequality emerged, as the clever thought no one could turn his back on war
He captured the woman his brother loved
He took his knife and into her leg he shoved
Screamed did the bold as loud as thunder
For below them was the war in darkness
He warned him not to this blunder
For to see himself with a burden of death and sadness
Was far too less, then to sacrifice himself
He swift past the clever, released his hold and jumped into the depth
For her to see her in sadness as she wept
Was better than to loose her forever

Fallen and bruised, he was up agaisnt an army
Rotten with anger and nothing to loose, he waged on.




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