The trap- Neha Jain

Its a cage. It is all a trap.
You’re the bird and you’re the poor lonely rat.
I can’t breathe, because they don’t let me.
I’m afraid, they scare me.
Yet I do love them, because they too have always loved me.
But there’s something that I love too,
They may find no sense in it but its true.
I cannot breathe, they don’t let me.
Its a cage, you’re the bird.
Its a trap,  you’re the rat.

A taste of happiness, felt it after a gap too long
Chasing your dreams, is that so wrong?
There’s a hole in my heart,
Its doing its best to tear me apart.
I’m drowning in it
And I guess I’m the victim as well as the culprit.

Somebody come and open this door,
Somebody save me from drowning in this shore.
Somebody please help the rat,
Somebody please let the bird out of that trap.
Let it fly, let it live
Because I can’t breathe no more,
I don’t wanna be the lonely bird, nor the helpless rat


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