Where the light will not show

Day after day
I see the setting sun
I see the last ray
I feel so undone
Like a wandering soul
Playing the wrong role
I sleep on my bed
Feel so dead

Writing my wrongs
Singing as songs
Thinking about you
all night long
Where should i go?
If not but here now
Where the light will not show

I see the dead rising
I do not find it
All so suprising
why so?
I see myself fighting
With a thought in my mind
If you’d be so kind
why wont i glow?
why wont i glow?

With a strum as my heartbeat
And a kick in the back
I take up the front seat
And race on the track
Where to?
To somewhere new
Somewhere far far away
With a quiet night and day

Im on this grass field
With you by my side
Please don’t go away
Don’t go away



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