Open Thoughts

“To teach one a lesson means to lay down your arms and let go of this
so called free will and bare what you truly are to your enemy”.

I have been trying to the extent of breaking down, and to reach that
pinnacle means to cross a lot of guarded gates and burning everything
to ruins. I am tiered of listening, i want to be heard then rather be
told. I know that no one gets what they want, but everyone gets
something what they want. Human beings have a lot of demands and they
are never ending, we always want more. For that reason; why can’t one
ask for a little more? That one being me?

I am a messenger, i am a reporter, a mode of transport and a means to
an end for some people. I am what i do, so does the not fulfilling of
my commitments make me a sinner?  Or what ever that i have said is
nothing but bullshit, and its not what i think it is?

Hard work never goes in vein, someone said. I don’t know who said it,
but that guy needs a whooping. These thoughts running in my head that
i want to achieve something but a huge mountain of snow just over
powers me and leaves me to freeze in the solid cold.  I am confused, i
cannot feel my muscles to lift me up, i am dazed by these weary
thoughts. Silence is all i require.

Bad day today. No one to share it with.


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