Stop The Rape


I am a sinful creature
An old feature
To kill, slave and torment
Leveling an entire land like a comet
I am a sinful creature
To make such a bil
Where i am born to kill
Through all the wars of men
One thing similar as it was then
Murder in the light
Excluding the fight
Brace yourselves tight
The fight still continues
For i am born of these raging fumes
A breed known to be corrupt
A breed that has no mercy
A breed that feels no pain
But i am not the type of my breed
What would i gain?
By doing such henious acts
But you can’t deny the facts
There is hope for good
For there have been men who have stood
For a better cause against all evil
A woman can’t trust me not what i am
From the high end cars to the small scale pram
To the comfort at home or the danger at the back of a van
She can’t trust me because i am a man


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