Nature’s Call

Nature's Call

A bit of an adventure, fighting these eagle around me. Bearing the stench, bearing the heat! My head was going for a toss. I was about to faint! I actually gave up, i didn’t want to continue taking pictures anymore, this was the moment of my life; so what did i do? I focused on this eagle coming towards me. Flapping its big wide wings, going through my soul, liberating me from my fear, the fear of failing. My animal spirit. I found it, gliding beside me reminding me that its okay to fail. Fail and see what you did not achieve and break hell and grab it! Enjoy that success.
A whole new adventure begins now.
Because sometimes you need to go out there on your own, with no one to help but yourself. That’s how you are worthy of greatness. That you can cry on your shoulder and be humble enough to offer that to the people in need. Greatness is born from the very dust and water in the air and earth. Embrace who you truly are and break all barriers to achieve it!


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