Where Tears Can’t Find a Way

I sleep in this cold covered bed staring at the darkness.
I see nothing but these strange objects floating in the abyss in front of me, which makes me feel less alone.
I sleep with an empty heart but with a heavy head
Searching for that not shown
Sinking in this comforting bed
I think of the people that matter to me the most
To their beautiful life i give them a big toast
No envious feeling of any kind
But i linger on to these memories in my mind.
They give me hope
When there is none
Having to question “why?”
Is the sole reason for us to strive on
And find the answer and have our battle won.
I need a talking to tell to
But i can’t find them handful few
Seeing what lies the next day
Can i burst out with these emotions
Can i see that
My tears can’t find a way



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