The Lost Kingdom


I find myself standing on the sea rubble at night. The moon seems to be generous enough to give me some light to search. But what am i searching for? A pearl ready to shine once taken out of the oyster? Or some rare ocean treasure buried below the ocean floor breaking loose and drifting its contents to the shores? Such materialistic personifications do not matter to me.  Its windy and i have a big coastline to cover. The beach is empty but yet i walk on the water with the prickling stones to make me think better. Comfort never led anyone anywhere! I see the beautiful waves covering the cold wet sand, massaging them for they have withstood the heat during the day. The stars shine bright tonight, truly the original diamonds in the sky! The wind tries to push me to the sand but i resist such an offer. I have a pouch where i collect the lovely shells, nothing but shards of the history of old. Each shell has been in the million years in the making and has its own unique story, much like the living organisms in this planet with its different identity,ideology and purpose. The shells rattle as i walk. The tide is less even with the moon out, something strange about today i suppose. I feel tired, so i rest on my knees on the rubble, there seems to be no presence of pain now. I look at the schools of fish as they rejoice the presence of the moon in the sky lighting their homes in the dark. They are at peace, stationary not like their usual self during the day. Some fish come and tickle my feet.  Its time for me to rest. The ever great full Coconut trees provide good nourishment. All the animals seem to be sleeping comfortably with their families in the forest behind me. I have made my home on the beach. I have everything what i need to survive. But with such a paradise that exists in this domain, i wait for another human being bring balance to this system, a better half. For i search for no signs of wreckage or dead bodies. I wait for that deserving person to be fit to live on this Island. To complete the lost kingdom.


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