There seems to be this question in my head
There seems to be an urge
For all the fears that i have fed
There seems to be this great divide, this philosiphical purge
The need to splurge
The need to beg
For another scotch peg
The thirst, the hunger, the lies,the fears
All come down to those few last tears
Dropping from the innocent
Don’t make a contribution but atleast give them a cent
Give them something that they don’t have to rent
This is how i vent
When i’m purplexed inside
These are the rules with which i abide
I spit out these charred words
To end the confusion
To end the starvation
To end all things that contain information
Peace Peace Peace is the new defination
Of a secret war inside, thats defamation
An information act, an organization
Conceiling the fact of obliveration
When will it all end, when will the war end?
What will we do when we have nothing to defend?


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