Who is the Beast?

the tiger

When someone commits a crime, on what basis is he judged when the judge himself is the biggest criminal of all time? If you haven’t heard about the Delhi Zoo Incident where a boy was eaten up by a tiger after falling down from the railing. Do check and think about it. Do animals deserve to live in such desolate places? Many theories spark up stating the boy was mentally challenged, the tiger took the opportunity for living up to the title of being the “man eater”.

The video indicates that the boy was still, begging the tiger while the tiger was just playing around with him; gnawing at him and slapping him with his paw; but instinct kicked in and it was staring at his meal. After being pelted, it took the matters to a bitter turn where the tiger caught the boys neck and ran away. How would you feel to be caged and looked upon everyday of your life. Imagine the psychological trauma and anger that animals do not express but contain within themselves. Zoo’s are the worst places to go if you’re an animal lover, Are you helping the poor animal? Rehabilitating it? Keeping it safe from poachers? If you are then hats off because your giving it the most painful death it could ever imagine. Humans need to understand that its time they are out in the wild. Maybe a rehabilitation center could be opened up but not for the simple joy of picnics and amusement for human beings.

What happened to the boy was tragic, may he rest in peace; but a zoo in New Delhi would have tranquilizers, a zoo keeper who could have taken preemptive action at that moment. There were only shouts of luring it with meat and pelting of stones. Why would the tiger care about being fed when it has a little chance to stretch his killer instinct?  None could explain what actions were taken at that point of time.

There seems to be a human disconnect with nature. We think that we are the only beings with emotions and families that care and count on us; the rest are just an asset or liability towards our investment. In the name of protection one is destroying the very balance of nature by making the animals more of a raging storm waiting to unleash itself than a simple tourist attraction.

Accidents have many debates and probabilities to them. But to show a different angle, animals don’t like human company. A lion at some point might have heart for a wilder beast baby (shown in Nat Geo) but if it were a human being, the scene would be very disturbing,

Humans have the most evilest side to them but we have the strength to always change for the better. We have understood the mysteries of many things but having to feel the emotions of an animal is something the world still needs to cope up with.


A suicidal thought

It is that part of the day when you go on to the terrace of a high building feel the wind in your hair and look at the amazing sunset and think aloud what you wanted to say all this while. You might shout or you might cry but the wind supports the purpose you have come here for. Life can be excruciating at times and all the hardships which you have faced and taken head on leave you all worn out and rusted; it is like you are almost going to break down because of all this. At this particular time you recollect what you might have done in your life? The good things and the bad things, the crazy things, the mind blowing things, the mad things; it’s happening right in front of you. Now you move about on the terrace, kicking the cement rubble and looking at the birds flying home. This gives you another thought about heading home, resting on your mother’s lap, eating home food, getting pampered. Now the childhood memories come in. The school life kicks in; you start remembering your friends, you remember the teachers who would support you which would be overlapped by the teachers who would slap you, hit you, harass you, de motivates you. Negative vibes are a part and parcel of life. But who would know that they become the epicenter of your life. Then you sit on a ledge by the generator which is turned off, you become a little more comfortable, relaxed almost as if you are de-stressed. A cigarette is taken out as you think smoking relaxes the nerves, yes smoking kills but people are not fools to smoke something which kills them and does not help them, everyone knows how it helps it’s just the wannabes who pretend to get some sort of a high. When any person who is completely comfortable you think about something which is close to the heart, Love. Starting off with the first crush you ever had, the pains you had to go through to get her. The first Kiss, the first time you made out, the good moments. But then like a smack in a face you end up thinking about why didn’t it work out? It goes on for the other girls you had in your life. If there was any special one I’m sure she’s the one you’d take her with you through the rest of your life no matter where you go. The last drag and you think it’s a big waste of your time. But then again it feels nice that you have affected so many people in a way. You get up, throw the cigarette in style and dust yourself (as if it happens). You go on to the ledge where the valet is taking your boss’s car to the parking lot, now there’s a huge gush of wind heading your way. This is it, the defining the moment. But before your final act, maybe you should think that the girl in your group kind of likes you, that the work you are doing is so stressful that you might get a big bonus, that your parents are counting on you to make it big for yourself because the love and care they have put in day in and day out is so that you can be what they never could, maybe show the women in your life that you are strong without them, your friends who you have shared the most intimate moments with are waiting for you at the reunion. You look down, almost about to drop. Everything is quiet.

Back at your desk, here you have your co workers and the girl you like surrounded telling this story. All of them clap. Suicide is not a crime; it’s a path everyone will come across. The choice is always yours. The darkest times of our lives always turn out to be the brightest.

Lovers and Writers

If love could ever be a simple gesture on a smartphone, where would we be?

Is it that hard to find love? Does one have to find love to be in it? I think not. Let it happen the way its supposed to be. Yes everybody has their own viewpoints but at the end don’t we all want to be comforted and cared for by another individual not just for sexual satisfaction but for the unexplainable force of “love”.

I have never questioned its power and its reach. I have never “blamed” love for a slump of depression i might have had for the mistakes which i made. I have always been in awe of its beauty, of how it can make us from the most volatile, destructive being on this planet to soft, gentle and mellow organisms. But each has their own pasts to follow them on the journey to success and perhaps my most frightening thing on this planet would be not to be in love with a person who shut you up and take you on another whole new level of life and its frivolities.

Over the past few months i came to a sober mindset about thinking negatively about the entire concept of love. And all my virtues, facts, resources came to one clear understanding. That all the assumptions are bullshit.

It happens and when it does you get on a high that you would never want to get down from,

Having to like someone is to be completely honest about yourself. They might make fun of you but i believe, being honest can help you in the long run.

Because people who aren’t loved know the price of being in love rather than the people who are in it.

I guess life has taken me from an extreme high point of happiness to another extreme high point of being lonely and fearful.

You find that you are destined for somebody out there. Somebody insane enough to be the better of you.