Lovers and Writers

If love could ever be a simple gesture on a smartphone, where would we be?

Is it that hard to find love? Does one have to find love to be in it? I think not. Let it happen the way its supposed to be. Yes everybody has their own viewpoints but at the end don’t we all want to be comforted and cared for by another individual not just for sexual satisfaction but for the unexplainable force of “love”.

I have never questioned its power and its reach. I have never “blamed” love for a slump of depression i might have had for the mistakes which i made. I have always been in awe of its beauty, of how it can make us from the most volatile, destructive being on this planet to soft, gentle and mellow organisms. But each has their own pasts to follow them on the journey to success and perhaps my most frightening thing on this planet would be not to be in love with a person who shut you up and take you on another whole new level of life and its frivolities.

Over the past few months i came to a sober mindset about thinking negatively about the entire concept of love. And all my virtues, facts, resources came to one clear understanding. That all the assumptions are bullshit.

It happens and when it does you get on a high that you would never want to get down from,

Having to like someone is to be completely honest about yourself. They might make fun of you but i believe, being honest can help you in the long run.

Because people who aren’t loved know the price of being in love rather than the people who are in it.

I guess life has taken me from an extreme high point of happiness to another extreme high point of being lonely and fearful.

You find that you are destined for somebody out there. Somebody insane enough to be the better of you.


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