Who is the Beast?

the tiger

When someone commits a crime, on what basis is he judged when the judge himself is the biggest criminal of all time? If you haven’t heard about the Delhi Zoo Incident where a boy was eaten up by a tiger after falling down from the railing. Do check and think about it. Do animals deserve to live in such desolate places? Many theories spark up stating the boy was mentally challenged, the tiger took the opportunity for living up to the title of being the “man eater”.

The video indicates that the boy was still, begging the tiger while the tiger was just playing around with him; gnawing at him and slapping him with his paw; but instinct kicked in and it was staring at his meal. After being pelted, it took the matters to a bitter turn where the tiger caught the boys neck and ran away. How would you feel to be caged and looked upon everyday of your life. Imagine the psychological trauma and anger that animals do not express but contain within themselves. Zoo’s are the worst places to go if you’re an animal lover, Are you helping the poor animal? Rehabilitating it? Keeping it safe from poachers? If you are then hats off because your giving it the most painful death it could ever imagine. Humans need to understand that its time they are out in the wild. Maybe a rehabilitation center could be opened up but not for the simple joy of picnics and amusement for human beings.

What happened to the boy was tragic, may he rest in peace; but a zoo in New Delhi would have tranquilizers, a zoo keeper who could have taken preemptive action at that moment. There were only shouts of luring it with meat and pelting of stones. Why would the tiger care about being fed when it has a little chance to stretch his killer instinct?  None could explain what actions were taken at that point of time.

There seems to be a human disconnect with nature. We think that we are the only beings with emotions and families that care and count on us; the rest are just an asset or liability towards our investment. In the name of protection one is destroying the very balance of nature by making the animals more of a raging storm waiting to unleash itself than a simple tourist attraction.

Accidents have many debates and probabilities to them. But to show a different angle, animals don’t like human company. A lion at some point might have heart for a wilder beast baby (shown in Nat Geo) but if it were a human being, the scene would be very disturbing,

Humans have the most evilest side to them but we have the strength to always change for the better. We have understood the mysteries of many things but having to feel the emotions of an animal is something the world still needs to cope up with.


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