Emotionalised at last


Somewhere in this big big world! There has to be a place where i can sit back and relax. It’s ought to be there somewhere. This was the thought which came into my mind when i was watching the sunset. I was vexed and super tensed and i didn’t have my psychologist to help me out; so i relied on myself and i kind of did well.

I have always believed in the power of love and no matter how many contradictions one might have or the realities it might have to face, that feeling can move mountains. If one believes in themselves and be honest even if its going to lead you where you do not want to go, do it. Because love comes knocking on your door, unexpectedly and impatient; it’s up to you if you want to open it, i sure as hell have! Because when you are loved by mockers,haters,users and people who gloat; you kind of get choked up. Unless you see someone different from the crowd.

Everyone deserves to be loved and my quest has taken me beyond that. It’s an indescribable feeling of trust, that who ever i meet; even if i can’t be who they expect or find me funny or charming; i can surely guarantee a huge amount of trust which they can bank on. Because back in the old days i was not one of them trustworthy people, i was bad; complete anarchy. But experiencing different situations and emotions i found myself to turn into a new leaf. i still think I’m bad but hey i get the opposite reaction otherwise.

I think the thoughts which cloud our judgement can be cleared in any second with the right feeling. It cost me an exile to get here. I’ve laid down my armor and removed my sweaty helmet; for i have now come to Elysium.


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