It’s Just the first Day

Feels like the first day at school. Irony has been one of the many merry companions in my life. I just finished my college life and i feel like a school kid. Human psyche states that its good to be nervous, that means you’re rearing towards the job that you’re going to do.

I can understand what military veterans go through, they take time to adjust to the soft yet comforting world around them from the harsh environment that they spent most of their life in. In such similar cases, i have never experienced such warmth and such passion towards their designated work. My experience with employment was more like  “here you go, this is your desk; now get right up to it”. There’s a level of breathing space and guidance that i can look towards and that felt like eating a watermelon in the middle of the ocean. Some might think of it as excitement, or the feeling of “hold on boy, its just the first day don’t get too jumpy now” and i thought of it as well but hey i met new people and that makes me happy.

If you want to do something, do it with the right spirit that’s the kind of mindset i went with.

For now its a new journey.

The End


3 thoughts on “It’s Just the first Day

  1. What’s this work place and talk more about the people you met there right on the first day. That would make more sense to me after reading this short one.

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