Life could be well spent by just lying down on that bed in your office and having a conversation throughout the day.

“How do you define a normal day”?

“Well I get up all fuzzy in the morning and then face that retched traffic and all I see is these obstacles in front of me with the pollution and horns…”

“I said how would you define a normal day?

I look flustered.

“Well”, giving me that the smile with the dim eyes.

“It’s pathetic, it kills me every day, every inch of the road I travel questions me about the decisions I’ve made so far”.

“That’s a definition. Isn’t this much clear?”

“I see, so this is some sort of a psychological method to get out the feelings from deep within is it?”

“Ha ha ha ha, no no!”

I just come out of this deep feeling bubble and look puzzled.

“I just couldn’t follow your narration, it had too much of detail for me to sink it in and summarize it”.

I think there is one facial expression that talks the most out of any human being and that is the “straight face”.

“I thought psychologists are supposed to help! Not confuse”

“And how do you think I’m confusing you? I thought you were the person who didn’t like to complicate things? And here you are doing so!”


“Go on”


“Don’t keep it in; you are here to take everything out”

Now that’s something I can’t do. I have this huge wall around me that I cannot just let lay low. Only time will tell if that wall exists or not. What the hell? Sometimes I wonder where such thoughts come from.

“So I guess we’re done for today”

“Are we”?

“I’ve seen better men flirt in better tones and that is just downright pathetic”

“Right, screw it. I’m leaving.”

I come out of the flat and step into the neighborhood. I have this dissatisfied look and I wonder if I can ever feel good? Well let’s give it some time boy, this is just day one.  I take out my cigarette and just before I light it, between the cigarette and the flame, I see this old lady crossing the road with earphones on. There’s a car coming with boom music, what is this? The Spiderman cliché save the innocent citizen scene?  Shit!



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