Personified & Dismantled

Sometimes there are many questions that need to be answered. Many wrongs that need to be set right. I see panic faces wherever I go. I march on the road towards my goal rather than walking towards it. I see fire on the streets and violent clashes. I see innocent children getting slaughtered, I feel their pain, just for a second and that stays on till a lifetime.

Now in this scene of madness and chaos I see such complexities of emotional disparities. I see ourselves falling down from the evolutionary ladder and sinking ourselves to the scum that we truly are. Who are we to call ourselves the dominant species regardless of our population? Blood splattered on the streets, heads crushed by rocks, best ways of venting frustration and anger. That’s what man does best. We kill our own kind to exert and be rid of such emotion.

Here I am, bruised and slain with cuts and injuries.  I try to crawl beneath such slime but I get picked up and get hurled at. It’s terrible and it’s disturbing. I’m trying to reach out but I’m failing. This gathering of men of different communities isn’t happening and I have to bail out of here. I finally find a way but the ground is covered with blood and I have no other option but to slither, taste the blood and reach my goal. But just then there seems to be a great divide, the sound of sirens brings out a sudden sense of hope, this last spark of desperation.  I see the men screaming and running for their lives. I see them drop their axes, i see my destination. I see my life staring at me crying out for help, I see her holding on for her life in this bloody cyclone, she’s not crying but I can see the tears gushing out of her eyes, I look at her and she looks at me. I don’t say anything neither does she says anything to me, she knows that I’m coming for her and with all desperation I run like there’s no tomorrow. While the other atrocities run in a scattered direction I run straight. I look to my left as I see the police grounding themselves with their rubber pellet guns and water cannons, ready to charge. I know that I’m going to come in the way of all that yet if I die or injure myself more to death I will do it. I limp and run, I can feel every minute cell in my body burning itself with energy, my heart pumping me to push me forward. Every breath I take hurts, I cry and my body is crying with me, we are one; this is the defining moment where body and soul converge.  Pellets hit my ribs, I cry harder and run; the water cannon is discharged, sweeps me off my feet, I fall. I get up, scraping myself.  I run. I’m almost there. I can make it.

I reach out to her; she’s hiding in her little cave, an elevated pit for the metro construction. She’s covered in mud and that’s fine because she loves to play in the dirt and I’m never going to stop her from doing so. She runs towards me, she jumps towards me and I pick her up. My little girl, my brave little girl, we hug each other and cry. And I don’t hear her complain about “dad you’re squeezing me”.  We make an exit towards the cops as I explain that we are family and they let us escape. We are quiet, we catch the nearest bus and climb aboard it.

Now there is only silence, the breeze that hits us both. We know, we understand the sacrifice, we understand the love between us and nothing else can tear us apart.


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