Life in a Coral Colony 2 ( Part 1)

Coming back to life is such a breathtaking experience.  Maybe so that the world needs to spend more time in the water thinking that they are so tiny than living on land thinking they are superior to every being in the universe.  As I open my fizzled eyes cough out and vomit probably the entire sea, I start getting my consciousness back. I remember who I am now. My lungs clear of the water stored in me. As the water escapes of my body, the cold wraps me up tight like never before. The air seems to be very dry and scaly. And apparently I am surrounded by bearded rough men who have the most weakest and concerned faces.

“Are you alright lad’?

“Let him be, he’s in some kind of shock”

“Aye, the lad is in shock; take him to the stern deck”

“Aye sir”

I was picked up, covered with an olive green rough blanket and made to sit at the back of the ship.

“What would you like laddy, we’ve got some hot stew brewing in the lower deck, would you like that? Or you care for something strong, Perhaps a little whisky?

“Stew please sir”

“Sir!, good god we have royalty on board. Ha Ha Ha.

Another sailor comes beside him, “it’s alright lad, we’re not used to gentle folk, they think of us as vagabonds of the sea; that’s the impression of us merchants.

They let me be.

I feel the warmth of my body, as if my body were to hug me with love. That we’ve made it, we’ve passed the death, we have not cheated but beaten death. Giving everything we have got and still overcame death.

I sip the stew little by little and it makes me feel great, I feel strong again. My body is warm now as my skin starts to turn red and blossom like the winter spring. I thank the sailors who saved my life. They tell me that the ship’s fishnet bar hit something and they thought they had struck gold with a big tuna, but it turned out that what I thought about death was nothing but a lie, it was a miracle. I asked them where we were heading; they said they were going to the island of coral colony.  They had asked me why I was adrift at sea, was I burgled on a ship or was marooned by a ship. I told them the latter.

So here I am continuing my journey on the very substance that almost killed me, Heading towards this island known as coral colony. Wonder what adventures this island would take me through.

To be Continued…


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