Life in a coral colony 3  (Part 1) (Part 2)

The tidal conditions seem to be out of hand here and the sea seems to be enraged by what I have done. The true condition of my health seems to be picking up like the wind in the air. My destination waits. Coral colony seems to be full of mist and wonder from my point of view. But my journey from the back of the ship to the front edge of the ship shows my confidence and my eagerness to get back on land. Wonder how a person’s character changes inside the sea and onto the land.  The truth is that we are comfortable and powerful in our own dominion.

The port of coral colony seems to be beautiful. It’s full of fish, it smells of fish and it looks a big fish as well. And as the ship makes port, the captain and its two sailors wish me luck in my journey and give me a basic layout of the island.

“Now listen up lad, this island is known for its gruesome ladies so don’t be soft on em! If you are, they will split you open like a fresh port oyster”

I take his advice with full composure.

Off I go, into the wilderness where women can take you apart.

The ship docks and I head off towards the port office.

This city seems to be ignorant of the fact that a stranger has come to its shores, people are grey here. I’m hungry. I would kill for something tastier. The taste of ship stew was overwhelming of fish taste and my stomach was rusting with such a taste. But the problem was I have no money. What can one do?

Few blocks away on the street to my right I see a fish & Chips diner, i have a rave idea but I have to give it a shot.  So I head down to the shop and bear witness to the casualties of the island folk. I head up to the lady at the counter giving out orders to be undertaken. I walk up to her and ask her, “Dear madam, if you would so kind enough to offer me some food, anything would be fine”.  She laughs, “Oi, Marge, this poor ol’ sod is asking for free food, they’ve developed some nerves I tell ya”, I feel embarrassed but out of desperateness I start to plead. “Madam, I have no job, no shelter and no food, if it anything was possible, I would work to eat and sleep at work”. She looks amazed yet dumbfounded, “You would do that laddy? You would work just for food? Are ya joking?”  “No madam I am not, I beg of you”.

She gives me few coins and asks me to go eat something near the sausage vendor while she thinks about a position I could fit in. “You’re not going to run away aren’t you lad? Like leave me to them whales? “

“No madam, I give you my word”

“Isn’t he like one of them prince charming sort of folk? Kind isn’t he?” , another girl washing the dishes tells from the corner.

“Bugger off and make those dishes smell good Nina”

“Come back in an hour and let’s see what becomes of you, and if I may know what’s your name lad?”



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