The Green Leaf of the winter sunset


At times when there seems to be a little pain
Walk by the winter road and see it rain
Drink in the rain of your memories devine
I promise you, someday we’ll be fine

Walk by the park of this winter sunrise
See the birds, bee’s and trees, will this suffice?
If not then smell the fresh green air
Feel the wind massage your thick hair
Remove your shoes and let the grass tickle your feet
Don’t you hide it! Smile away and show those glossy teeth

Having fun? Lets get something to eat
Would you care to chew the grass or chomp the meat?
Have a little bread and butter in the middle
Look at the dogs come to be a second fiddle
Throw some of the meat and be rid of their riddle

Now walk to the winter lake and see the sunset
See the birds, the light and the sky all so correct
Close your eyes and imagine your there
Your the center of the universe with everyone there to care
Breathe in a bit of the beggenings of the winter night
Open your eyes and see yourself shine so bright



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