Mail to heaven

Dear god,

I hope you are in the pink of health. Love the way things have turned out. I hope all things are balanced with you. The truth is that I don’t know why am I acting this way? Am I acting this way because I am confused? Or is just come as a shocker for me? The truth is you know my heart, you made it! I have no sense of how the world is or how it will be. I am going to let things be the way are supposed to be. If people love each other, then who am I to interfere? Because love is not supposed to be kind or rude or have any feelings, love is how you make of it.  Let time pass, let the love pass I have no issues. I guess I know where the problem lies, it lies within me, and I am the problem. How do we fix this problem? I do not know, but I will work hard towards it. This new year will be a new me. I will work to the very ends of the earth. To be somewhere, to be someone and make my dreams come true. What can I do with my life? Where is my life heading? Will I ever find love in my life? How are you going to answer these questions for me?  Right now I think I’ going to just take some rest because honestly god I feel weak at the moment. I feel like I’m falling from the sky into a deep abyss. I don’t expect anyone to catch me. I feel alone in life god. I feel like crying at some points of life. I need your reassuring hand of hope and comfort.




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