Mail to Heaven 3

Dear god,

Sorry for the late reply, been kind of busy. So as i came back from my vacation everything snapped in a flash. But it was also a sign of change. I discovered a change in myself. I don’t judge or don’t think defensively anymore, i just listen. I had dinner with my close friend who had issues from the past and has been troubled since few months. I guess for him it was some sort of a healing moment venting out so much steam and negativity. I believe that our past doesn’t dictate who we are in the present or in the future. Everyone has their pasts which we all want to bury and its a process which takes time. It did feel nice that i was there for someone. If you can, look into his problem and provide him a solution. He has the will to change, to be out of his little ball of misery. Everyone see’s hardships and i guess when your at the end of all that you don’t relish that you have reached the end but how you reached it. People have a lot to say and so very little time to express it. I want to change that.




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