Mail to heaven 4


Some good food, good game and an amazing person to be with

Dear god,
When you wind up after another day of work. When a certain something happens. The thought hits you that everyday is not the same my friend! I got a call from her and she was going about her own business and she called and asked if we could meet. There were changes in plans but we finally ended up going to a coffee shop. But to pick her up, had to go through mammoth traffic and I was simply honking my way through even though I hate doing that.
I rode her bike for the first time and she pretty much didn’t have faith in me with it because it was pretty old and only she knew how to ride it. But I managed to gain her trust by riding it. And her bike is smooth as butter on a pan, damn. And all the while, as we went about crossings, potholes, bastards honking asking for way and some people bursting crackers for the ayappa swamis, she got pissed and was scolding them even though the crackers were loud but having a continuous conversation just made everything seem so little. The cold didn’t effect me as well! Oh ya, thanks for making the moon look so nice and putting stars as a good accompaniment. Sweet, very romantic. Humour aside, I got to see her school on the way. Could see her bubbling with joy. Then that kind of dropped down as she showed me her college which somehow looked more like a prison.
We reached the coffee place and sat. She loves the atmosphere of that place and has fond memories. Best part is, we placed the order and saw a bunch of uno cards and started playing. I lost 2-1. Not intentionally but yeah I lost.
She looked amazing there. Just can’t describe how but yes she was.
We left the place and we bumped into an old mutual friend who happened to have a long conversation with us, she told us about how she got a job in DNA Mumbai and her problems. The stars she’s met, she actually met Salman, amir khan. Wow man. The two of them spoke about blue cross and had a conversation about dogs. But at the end she finally broke the ice and we had to leave. So we said goodbye.
So yeah, we were coming back through the same road and we just went on and on and on and on about many things. It was freezing cold as my fingers became numb but that didn’t matter. We went by her school again and she screamed telling that she loves her school so much.
So at the end of it all, parked her bike inside, gave a hug and left and I said something which I forgot but yeah this time I didn’t cock up the ending. She kind of liked what I said.
One of the best days ever. Something to treasure for life.
Thanks for listening


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