The Little Man


Breaking bonds and barriers and walking
I have seen the world talking
About metal and land
About rubies, diamonds & sand
I see these wastelands shouting
Crying for these people lay dead on her mothers hands
I see these poor children homeless
They speak through their eyes and its haunting
Are we so heartless?
This is my task that is so daunting
I feel the river spit blood of toxic waste
Have we become so blinded by our much needed haste?
I see bonds break and form new ones
I see children shackled by fear and metal guns
I hear their soul crying out for help behind that smile
Oh that smile of hope
Erase these lands of greed and dope
Erase these reached  hearts and show them the light

For all the women, men and children reaching out
Fear not of being unarmed with the guns of the west
To see the light we must go through the dark, that is our test
For i am a little man & love is my biggest weapon and i shall fight


Picture Credits: Ankita P.S


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