Mail to heaven 6

Dear god,

I’m confused in life right now. I have no idea what i am doing or where i am heading to, i need help and guidance. i know i’m not the religious kind but i suppose there are exceptions for my kind of people. If you could broadcast a message for me to all the people in the world who i would have caused a world of pain, “i am sorry”. I feel like going on a journey which would make me happy and make me think less. I want the cold wind to hit my face and say “hey, its okay!” I feel as if i am stuck on a sheet with glue below my feet and i’m trying my best to get unstuck, but the glue is so damn hard. I went about my life trying to understand the world, but the fact is that i couldn’t understand myself; what gives me the strength and right to understand the world? I feel like discovering something new, writing something new. Starting life as a new blank page with a beautiful black fountain pen, ah; i can smell the rough paper and ink merge to become something beautiful. I need help god.




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