To the women we love, for them


In the south
There are two people
No worry, and no doubts
Things are strong, yet so feeble
Getting that heart
Is where i belong

She smiles, when she’s thinking
She’s surprised, as she’s blinking
She talks about
Things she wants to try
Time with her
Doesn’t tend to fly

What do you want from me darling?
What do you want to see?
Try me on for once darling
Tell me how it’s going to be

She’s got friends
And I’ve got trends
She knows a lot
About the things i forgot
She’s a friend
A friend I’d defend

She gets high
With life itself
She doesn’t lie
She’s got a heart
She can’t deny
I’m myself
She is her
Life’s so clear even in blur

What do you want from me darling?
What do you want to see?
Try me on for once darling
See how it’s going to be

And if i don’t
Get your hand
For you
I’d take a stand
Be happy
Be amazed
Remember your fan
Who is dazed



Hear me sing

Oh it’s raining
It’s raining today
I have a good feeling
That Life’s not so gay

Oh it’s raining
It’s raining well now
It’s raining cat’s & dogs and it’s raining cows
Oh i love it
I love the smell of rain
I want to dance
Dance in the rain
Call me insane
and I’ll do it again

I jumped out the window
Heard my daddy screaming something
Mamma was crying
I said mamma, i love the rain
I can’t take the pain
It’s got no gain
I’m dancing in the rain

I’m singing to these folks
Enjoying cracking jokes
While they listen to my rhyme
I play to their time
I sing for a dime
It ain’t no crime
Why live someone Else’s life
When i can live mine?

Oh it’s raining
I love the rain
I’m going to do it again
I’m going to do it again
I’m going to do it again


Ending an unending start


I was breaking a sweat
Over something that’s not hard to get
I was killing my heart
Trying to fix an unbroken part

Well here’s a start
She hit me hard in the head
I thought i was getting pricked by a dart
But my life is so big, it’s still unread

She’s got the right tune
I’ve got the right guitar
Instead of living in a rune
She’s showed me my bar

If i have to sing
If i have to play
If i marry the dark and put the ring
Ever again, that’s a price i don’t want to pay

Your predictable in every way boy
This is not the expression to make you coy
The song’s been sung
The thought’s been hung
You dare to think about yourself?
You care to think for once

These words are meaningless as well
Cause it’s a habit, the same old story to tell
I can’t make any statements
I don’t have any ailments
I can put a smile on a face
I can be the one finishing the race

I’m sick of wearing these black clothes
I’m trying to tell you, do listen ma’am
I’m not the brooding mad in black
I’m not the one burning myself in fire
I’m going to get rid of this attire


Ballad of the No Man

mn2 (1 of 1)

Sometimes i wonder
What seems to be my blunder?
Where did i go wrong?
How do you expect me, to be strong?

I hear a no
A no for everything
“A can’t” do and sometimes “i can’t bring”
A Yes please or a sure!
A simple smile, i wouldn’t implore
I can’t make you do those things
And at the end
It’s the no man who sings

“You didn’t do it right!
Do it again!
Tell me what’s out of sight?
Work through the pain!”

You think of me like a mad man
Thinking I’m insane
I try to learn from every mistake
i try to fix myself every time i break
I mold myself every night
When it’s too hard
I shed a tear or two despite
Despite of the hope, the love, the laugh
Yet my world is divided in two half’s

Like a wave hitting me as i stand on a rock
I’m as strong as a ship in a dock
Thinking about the memories that make me
Or its me who’s making such a memory


People just don’t “listen” anymore!

Can you hear me?
Can you see what I’m trying to see?
Can you hear me?
If you just stop, i think you can.

It’s Monday morning and I’ve got lots to do
There are too many things to say
But i can only say a few…
People are screaming at my ear
I can’t do this all the year

If i have to listen
So do you
You might just be wrong about a thing or two
Or might end up hearing something new
Sit, relax and stop speaking
I’m sick and tired of you creaking
Of the points in your head trying to come out
But here you are killing my thoughts as you shout
This, This, This, that, that, that, why,why,why,how,how,how?
I’m not going to do this now
Because i am nothing but to you
As monkey see, monkey do
But if you try listening to me pal
I’ll listen to you


Mr Clown


Would you look at a clown?
Who always looks frown
Who always looks down
Wearing a gown

Would you laugh at that clown?
If he danced for you?
Sang for you?
Hit himself
And did something new?

Would you love that clown?
If he freed you
Gave you his brew
Fed you his stew
If his heart was true?

And if i were that clown?
And if i bent down?
Asking you
In front of the town
If you want to settle down?
Have a life full of laughter
With Mr Clown


Like a cork hitting your face


I see nothing else behind me
I see nothing else but sorrow
There are things that are meant to be
But they are always tomorrow

I want it now
Don’t want it then
Life may kiss me somehow
But the question is when?

I sleep at noon
I lost my spoon
I can’t feed myself with all these walls
I can’t lie, i can’t hate
I can’t realize that i missed all those calls

Need some sleep
I need to weep
i see myself shattered in pieces
I need to sweep
I don’t know why
I don’t want to cry
I’m too sick to try
I don’t know why
I don’t know why
I don’t know why
I try to jump across, but i’m not too tall
And at the end i hurt myself, i hit the wall
It just hurts