A Monochromatic face


Care to live my life in such a color?
You’d be doing yourself a big favor
Pools of emptiness and fields of imagination
I can’t get your talks
of such immense classification

I hate to give you advice
But i can’t help it
You are my vice
I said it once, i said it thrice
My life is a tale beyond two mice

Is it just me?
Or has rhyming a line become so free?
People just yap about how to get things done
But not a single rap about how to get the war won
There are problems in my head, there are problems in yours
i’d rather sing than roar roar-less roars
I think you can smell such a colorless place
Imagine how colorless it could be
Behind every colorful face

That’s the power of the black & white
Monochrome life’s got detail
And that’s whats right



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