A lot of salt & pepper with a bit of sugar

When i feel the cold air
Touching my skin
I think about all that i could have been
But i end up thinking about how i could never win

Smiling faces are easy to see
They just show you who to be
You walk by her side and walk along
You’d notice that nothing could go wrong
Everything seems so upright
Living life seems so bright

How about a picture by the ride?
Lets see the happy face, the wild side!
Lets buy a ticket and jump on a ride
And be amazed like bat shit crazy
Leaving all our problems aside

We’re on the edge, on the top
She’s seeing the world
But I’m seeing her face, and the world did stop
I’m scared of the height but i did it anyway
And at the moment
If living was loving, then I’d do it everyday



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