The failed faliure


I’ve been failing for far too long
I’ve been failing at being wrong
I’ve been trying to fail
Because my heart just couldn’t sail

I’m not trying to cheese you out
I don’t give a damn if i sing or shout
I want to be heard and be cheered aloud
And live a life, that’s all about
Jumping planes and seeing sunsets
Swimming pools and champagne jets

But I’ve been failing so bad
Thinking about all that i could have had
And all i could have made things forever
But I’m just plain dumb and not so clever
Sitting on this chair and being a lecher
To the words that i write
And setting the wrong things right

But all the things that i could have got
Pick up all the pieces that i left to rot
Bring myself back from that far out place
It’s life that i want, it’s going to be one hell of a chase



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