People just don’t “listen” anymore!

Can you hear me?
Can you see what I’m trying to see?
Can you hear me?
If you just stop, i think you can.

It’s Monday morning and I’ve got lots to do
There are too many things to say
But i can only say a few…
People are screaming at my ear
I can’t do this all the year

If i have to listen
So do you
You might just be wrong about a thing or two
Or might end up hearing something new
Sit, relax and stop speaking
I’m sick and tired of you creaking
Of the points in your head trying to come out
But here you are killing my thoughts as you shout
This, This, This, that, that, that, why,why,why,how,how,how?
I’m not going to do this now
Because i am nothing but to you
As monkey see, monkey do
But if you try listening to me pal
I’ll listen to you



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