Ballad of the No Man

mn2 (1 of 1)

Sometimes i wonder
What seems to be my blunder?
Where did i go wrong?
How do you expect me, to be strong?

I hear a no
A no for everything
“A can’t” do and sometimes “i can’t bring”
A Yes please or a sure!
A simple smile, i wouldn’t implore
I can’t make you do those things
And at the end
It’s the no man who sings

“You didn’t do it right!
Do it again!
Tell me what’s out of sight?
Work through the pain!”

You think of me like a mad man
Thinking I’m insane
I try to learn from every mistake
i try to fix myself every time i break
I mold myself every night
When it’s too hard
I shed a tear or two despite
Despite of the hope, the love, the laugh
Yet my world is divided in two half’s

Like a wave hitting me as i stand on a rock
I’m as strong as a ship in a dock
Thinking about the memories that make me
Or its me who’s making such a memory



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