Ending an unending start


I was breaking a sweat
Over something that’s not hard to get
I was killing my heart
Trying to fix an unbroken part

Well here’s a start
She hit me hard in the head
I thought i was getting pricked by a dart
But my life is so big, it’s still unread

She’s got the right tune
I’ve got the right guitar
Instead of living in a rune
She’s showed me my bar

If i have to sing
If i have to play
If i marry the dark and put the ring
Ever again, that’s a price i don’t want to pay

Your predictable in every way boy
This is not the expression to make you coy
The song’s been sung
The thought’s been hung
You dare to think about yourself?
You care to think for once

These words are meaningless as well
Cause it’s a habit, the same old story to tell
I can’t make any statements
I don’t have any ailments
I can put a smile on a face
I can be the one finishing the race

I’m sick of wearing these black clothes
I’m trying to tell you, do listen ma’am
I’m not the brooding mad in black
I’m not the one burning myself in fire
I’m going to get rid of this attire



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