A Cigaret-less day


24 hours of pain
24 hours of strain
Still no hope
Haven’t seen my train
Alive, that’s what hope stands for
To break into the light
Asking nothing more

I see
These things that aren’t meant to be
The destiny
Of a lifeless living tree
I might
I might not understand
And at times
I might need a helping hand

I know i know i know
That the pain we go through
Let it go away
Let’s be something new
I care, i care, care
For the feelings that you shared
For the times you were with me
For the times you were scared

A minute less than nine
You think it is fine
But you keep all the goodness
Leave the dark things to be mine
A cigaret-less day
But what can i say
You think that i haven’t changed
I’m not lying today



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