Not another boring speech

The truth about being the silent one is that you have no idea about how your experience is going to be. There is no wrong in saying that you can’t make it, ignore all the” keep on trying or pushing yourself”, if you’re going to put all your energy into “getting up, trying to crawl up the wall” why not trying to divert your energy into something productive? Like finding a ladder or getting a bulldozer to break through the wall. Not asking you to accept failure and back off but accept it and assess it, see why you failed and how you can’t repeat it again; I’ve heard this from a thousand posts, people and motivational books and damn it my friend that really works. It’s simple logic but it’s the best logic available. Be shameless and smile towards your defeat cause you know one day you will be there. I thought about this, all one has to do is believe in themselves and they can really accomplish it. Before I bought my guitar I wondered, is this a fad? will I be able to hold the chords right. It did pain a lot but two weeks later I’m making that effort to write my own songs and come up with my own rhythm.  I understood about this so called power of “self-belief”. People get laughed at and made fun off but that doesn’t tend to affect me even when I accept it because I laugh along with them and see that I’m not going to fuel their amusement because they have the saddest sense of humour and an even sad way of spending that time. Being the silent one gives you an edge over the others, you can be the loudest one in the room, because you can suck it all in and give the best of everything.

For the ones who think that it isn’t happening, the so called life. Life’s right here mate and it’s the same as it was, you got to make it your own and do something out of it. I always thought I had it easy, but no its pretty tough if you loosen your screws and think Sir Isaac Newton is going to help you reach the ground from the sky that you led yourself to. Don’t lie to yourself, your just going to hurt yourself. Keep yourself healthy and alive in whatever you do.  Give it your everything in everything that you do. That’s how you survive and make it big.

Kurt Cobain was the king of grunge and was always on a high but people fail to ignore that he never encouraged drugs, smoking or alcohol.

I’m not writing this because I feel inspired or am a master of reaching a higher purpose but because I’ve been in the slump, it’s a inescapable blanket of blackness and you don’t want to be there, but the thing is there was never such a place, all an illusion. You just have to focus and strengthen your mind. Smile more, makes your blood cells even more active. After all we’re all part of a big engine.


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