The world’s simplest test

Well its hard to say, but hey if your not satisfied then why not just stop doing it.

Don’t get the first line wrong, i am a good pervert. When your not satisfied with work there is no harm in telling it. Unless you can give your 100% will the production level increase. If you put a V8 engine into a moped; imagine the circumstances of the rider! Now when your not satisfied i know most people are going to be like; “hey this company sucks, hey this place isn’t going anywhere man, hey how did i land up here?”

Wrong, purely wrong. That’s not the right spirit. If you know anything about sportsmanship, its that if the other team is better than you and you lost, they are better than you and you lost! Don’t blame the company, you have nobody to blame but yourself! Now just because your blaming yourself doesn’t mean that you keep doing that; no you think of whats going wrong, think about the dissatisfaction where is it originating from? Come on, don’t hide it. You know deep inside that you want something else from life. Think about it, you could be somewhere else, maybe not the same comfortable conditions that you have in your office but at least you’ll be happy about it! That your doing something you love and not out of necessity or dire need.

The key to success doesn’t come from a fancy speech or book, yes they can motivate you but depending on that diet of mood swings of yours, that’s really not going to do miracles for you. But what you can do is to listen to yourself, no don’t meditate; it’s not all about sitting down and becoming one with the universe! Leave that to the monks, their far better at it than you will ever be, but for us worldly beings, just think about yourself and feel what you want, no not sex or food you already got that if you don’t you will; but feel what you want, don’t let your parents, friends, those people who stretch their faces into their phones for selfies come your way; ask yourself WHAT I WANT FROM THIS LIFE THAT IS GIVEN TO ME?. The first word to ring in your quiet mind is the thing you want most dear human, don’t lie to yourself mate. Just live it. The world’s not falling apart, go out there and make “yourself” happy than the client who’s sleeping on the bed counting sheep.

The world’s most simplest yet toughest task.


Don’t worry little boy


Sooner the tears fall
Sooner you recall
That life hasn’t changed
keeping sadness engaged
We have to live it, and give it our all

We wage war everyday
And everyday feels falls short of more than i say
Cause your lost and not found
Its not your fault
Just keep your eyes closed
and listen to the sound

Your rolling and struggling to swim in your bed
Your dreams aren’t a river
But a stormy sea instead
It’s difficult to see
What you want to be
All you got to dear friend
Is calm yourself down
And do not depend
on the sadness or frown
It will all come true
Just give it sometime
And if the world needs a hero
When the world’s not fine
I bet that hero will be you
And over a winters darkness
Will the sun shine