Smiling and changing the world!

I think there is a place for people who are tired. It’s called a home. A home to go to and throw all your pain, sufferings, misery and disgust and dump it in the bin. That’s where I am going. For far too long I have lied to myself, thinking I’m fighting for a greater good or doing something for a greater cause. I was just tiring myself  in hunt of something that is a long shot. I have been ignoring myself, my health and my sanity itself! No more, it’s enough.  I have become a person who would help out people with their problems and be wanted to a person who initiates a conversation and no one ever bothers to pick up where it left off. There’s a lot of dilemma over the needs and wants of life. Some people have it easy, some people don’t. Well I have been trying to make things seem difficult for myself considering it a challenge! I did overcome the challenge and have my learning’s out of it. But then again I forget how young I am. There’s a bubble we all want to break, there are also people who think that you’re going to keep considering breaking that bubble but you never do things, well to those people I welcome your gesture but keep it to yourself buddy, if you want to preach, make one of your own.  It takes time. People think of a man with a beard as either a guy who’s seen the lows of life or the guy is making a style statement with #noshavenovember ; my beard protects me from the sun, as simple as that. So I brought myself down to a person that isn’t at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to life and who cares so much what the people have to say; while i don’t like that or i’m not that person; i have come one. I have something else planned for life and that is, sitting on the beach and smelling the sea and hear what the sea has to say. Trust me, I’ve found a lot of answers in front of the sea. It’s sweaty, its hot and windy but those are my elements. Isn’t it beautiful when you make yourself happy? Feel that inner smile come out when no one else is around you? I’m smiling sitting at my desk at work while I was typing that sentence, just for a second but isn’t it beautiful? If people like you or converse with you because of your work or skill I find that half a job done at becoming a complete person; but if they converse with you because of the person you are; now you’re somewhere! Not at the best pub or with the prettiest girl or happening crowd but at a place called happiness.  That’s the place where you can go to anytime anywhere once you tap into it. And if you ever wonder why are you reading this guy’s “cribbing” or “releasing his frustration through his writings” I’m telling you with a big smile, shamelessly, without any love or logic at all; I’m in search of happiness. Period.


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