The Garbage Man


Everyone needs some sort of encouragement. They get it from their parents, lovers, friends, some point in life where one witnesses things that reflect upon our thoughts. Well, I get encouragement from a feeling deep within, that yes in some way I can shape the world and some day I can change it! One does not need some sort of a government grant to start something new, no one ever did; and with today’s technology I bet no will even think of something like that.

The concept of garbage man came to me like the concept for my blog itself. I was devastated after my father’s surgery ( everything is fine now) but the entire experience left me tired, lonely and exhausted. This strange courage came from nowhere, that even in a time so grim I was able to digest emotions, be a pillar for somebody and help others even when I needed saving. I have the beautiful gift to absorb and not let it affect me or anyone else. I love absorbing emotions and sharing mine with others. I’m good at that. I hope this shapes into a profession, but hey there’s a long way to go let’s not be hasty.

Music is a beautiful artform. Strings on a guitar can create hope, give life and express immense amount of pain as well. This is my journey, for those who follow; I hope I make you proud.



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