Men of Old

We men of old, we sit on a bench
We’ve drunk our wine and thirsted our quench
We men of old have tasted all things fine
We’ve loved our women and all things that shine
A bitter sweet taste comes to the mouth now
A mixed memory of all things said and done.
We’ve travelled so far, makes me wonder how?
I can see the young march so loud
They march, as they cover our tracks
Saddened yet bashfully proud
Can we linger on for a little longer?
I would like to see if I have become stronger?
Oh yes, I have; stronger than before
Stronger in my heart to see the world I lived in
Stronger in my heart to let go of my sins
Searching for peace at a place so fine
I’ll head to heaven, cause that’s where it’s been
And I can finally say to my grandchild, this peace is yours and it is mine.


I’ve loved music since the day my dad introduced me to the Beatles. I fell in love with it, I became a poet at a very young age, I started writing stories at a young age. But as you grow older, there is a constant struggle with your passion and survival in the real world. Every day is a battle for me. I’m going to keep at it until I’ve nailed it.


Children of war, the young stand up for the mistakes of the old. The young pay up for the crimes of the old, the young seek labor for the comforts of the old, the young seek refuge from the wrath of the old, the young seek a leader in the memory of the old, Children of War

Final Battle

A new composition I have made. Includes various instruments. The feeling I had while making this track was, of pain and suffering. Imagine a battleground, where men and women as soldiers united to confront their enemy; making one last stand! That’s the kind of story I want to tell.


Always inspired by Mike Shinoda’s work. Damn cocky with his music and straight to the point. Believes in the old and reinvents with the new, that’s how music should be, and it has always been!

Avenge Them All

Check out my new music page, The Garbage Man. Will be publishing all my musical works there! I’m kind of weary, infact scared because I have never done this stuff, but it’s exciting as well because I’ve never done this!

Fucked up at last


I don’t’ know what to say at times. The world seems just so fake to me. It’s meaningless. I feel like the more and more i enter or grow up to this world, the more it uses me, the more dissatisfied I become. I mean, where is my life going? In a country where talent is stripped and only licking asses to get power is prescribed, I don’t get the point to keep going at it. What does it take to get into the light and speak out for those who don’t have a voice? Why have i always been a voice for those who cannot express themselves? For those who don’t have anybody to share their pain with? I have absorbed all that pain and it has not effected me yet! But when i need somebody, nobody! No fucking anybody has even the common courtesy to say “hello” or “how are you?” . I get it that everybody has their own lives to live, but man; a courtesy call? Anything?  Is that life? Take all the shit you can for being good and get rewarded with even more pain? I want to smile and laugh and feel free. Maybe that’s why I’ve left the job which doesn’t suit my role. I don’t want to go into depression, I don’t know what it is, but I’m trying my best no to. I get strange fucking dreams which creep me out at times. This balance really kills me. But that’s me, I guess. At the end after all this chaos, i can fucking stand and look at all this and make some sense in my decision. What a fucked up world we live. It’s not that grim folks, with people like me holding that, the word is not that grim.