Human Greatness

What does it take to be great? From the extraordinary journeys of people that I have seen, they had to lose something in their lives to become something great. Have I lost something and not realised it yet? Have I not lost anything yet? People experience their own version of pain and suffering; it’s not the best place to be in. People at times go through life changing experiences and still say that there is more to see in life. Incredible that we can fathom what life gives us at the very second yet we worry every single day of undesirable consequences. The irony.

There is something very beautiful about human nature, we are high-spirited beings. We think we are in command of our surroundings, yet we are the weakest. A small grain of sand could hurt our eyes, microscopic organisms can cause our death. Oh no, we are not in control at all. That sort of mentality must be changed. We are part of a big system, we are not unique but engineered to endure not last.

Come to think of it, we keep dreaming of the universe that is out there. The universe that always baffles our beliefs and customs. Could the universe be in our head? As we all have roots from drifting space rocks, could our answers be inside of us? Encoded into a hidden gene or in a small part of our brain?

We wage wars on our own kind, yet we do not have an understanding that we are a species rather than an American or a South African. We need an external factor to unite us, that is good. But not all external factors are happy or mild, they can be life-threatening. I think with the dawn of logic that is accumulating within people’s head; it is time, we acted as a species devoid of any racial, cultural or sexual disparity. No need to spend money or make someone rich. If we could just remove money out of the equation and build ourselves for a better tomorrow; then we would be the dominant species. But that there is a big problem. Money.

So at the end of all this, what does it take to be great? Money, fame, looks, contacts, talent, skill or being an underdog?


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