Not afraid of the dark anymore


I’m just sitting here waiting for my food to be served before I go to school. Moms not in a good mood today, she’s serving me just milk and toasted bread. It’s her wedding anniversary. I can see the sadness oozing out like she were a wrecked ship bleeding with moss. I can feel that pain, that throbbing pain in the heart reminding you how difficult life is at times and as a kid you get to understand that life’s not fair to any side but a reminder or more like a disturbed reflection due to the ripples in the pond  that it’s what you make of it; these decisions individuals make that determine what happens with their lives.

Two out of five toasts are burnt. It’s worse than I thought. It’s maddening, she’s still smiling at me, expecting me to eat it and understand that she is in pain. Why? Those black eyes pull me in as If I was sucked into a deep hole of no return with only misery for company. I finish my breakfast with disgust. She ensures that I take my meal and I get on the pick up vehicle. I kiss dad as he leaves for work, mom accompanies me to the vehicle.

I get on it, placing myself at the usual window seat. I can’t help but think looking at my mother’s face, she’s smiling and waving me goodbye. I felt a surge of strength and willingness to be brave. A day can always have a bad beginning but it doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way forever. I figured out that we can turn things around at any moment, just by believing in yourself. Maybe my mother’s sad today, but it doesn’t mean she will tomorrow. I have the power to change that. I ask the driver to stop, pushing the other kids sliding my butts on their thighs and jumping out.

The driver stopped the vehicle and because of that I had to take a tumble or more like a leap of faith. It hurts and I feel like crying but I stop. The house isn’t far from here, I start running. The driver shouts at me and starts the engine following me. I guess he knows I’m heading home so he races ahead of me.

I’m exhausted and tear eyed. I see my mom and the driver with all the kids in the vehicle. She looks at me with horror and comes towards me. She embraces me not with anger but with care. She examines me to find nothing but bruises on my palms and asks the reason behind all this. I hug her and speak into her ear, ” You don’t have to be sad from now on, il make you happy mummy; I’m not afraid of the dark anymore.”

I couldn’t see her face but with the intensity of the hug, I could make out that not only did I make her day but for her entire life to come.

We’d die for the women we love.



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