A 5 am stroll

(It’s breakfast time for the young ones)

What’s so great about a beautiful 5 am stroll? It’s a question to myself and myself will answer that question.

The air, this breathable air is at its purest at that time. It’s good for your lungs, for it to recover from the previous day’s pollution. You find the most annoying of dust filled roads to be the calmest of seas for a sailor like me whos is trying to find some meaning with all this water that is around him. The cold winter mist in the morning is such a beautiful site. A blanket of winter mist covering the entire city reminding us of our mortality against the bitter cold that nature has to offer at this time of the year. But these are all feelings of a stroller who can only witness and feel these moments only because he is up to witness them in the first place.

You could learn a lot at 5 in the morning. The dogs huddle up and sleep as they huddle up to protect their territory from other dogs. They share the warmth amongst them without any hesitation, a mother would not only feed her puppies but of another as well. Acceptance is a very rare quality often misunderstood as silence or weakness. The birds of the early morn prepare to feed and be fed as their fruite of labor is their source of survival. So are the other animals such as squirrels, cows and insects who wake to go about their own business at the start of the day.

Have you ever seen an animal oversleep? They are connected to this planet. Rising as the earth rises with the dawn of the sun.

As I walk on these ghostly streets comforted by a jacket of old, have I answered my question correctly? I don’t know. But I’m satisfied with what I’ve learnt during the process. That’s the key to everything, including life.



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