It’s alright to cry

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It’s ok to cry sometimes. It may be for the most stupid of reasons or the most traumatizing moments of your life. But it’s really ok to cry. When I was small, I always hesitated to cry; thinking it would make me feel weak or that I was considered weak. Living alone, having come all this way facing unprecedented challenges which may include family, friends and my mistakes. I have come to a conclusion, which would ease my pain at the moment. And it is, “Get ready to face more pal“. 

If you are going to cave in and chicken out, you are going to end up doing it repeatedly. When will it stop? When will it end? You can prevent that by facing the situation in the now. No, you don’t need any books or people to give you encouragement. At the end of the day, it is you and you alone who has to face the darkness and come out of it. Your decision may be based on many people’s opinions, but it is that end feeling before you make your decision that is truly based on your emotions and logical understanding; nobody else.

Hell, I think I am lonely in life. No shame in saying that. I have experienced situations where I almost cracked up. I was an inch from jumping off my balcony from the fourth floor. Yes, but in some circumstances I haven’t cracked up. It’s difficult to explain. It’s a process of taking in the situation, feeling that violent surge of negative impulse and finally letting it go.

It’s alright to cry, to feel weak and helpless. It is only then that you realise there is more to life than just this one incident.



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